Alpinestars, since its creation in 1963, is the world's leading manufacturer of professional racing products, airbag protection for motorcycles, high-performance clothing and technical footwear. Alpinestars understands that the best design and research is achieved under extreme conditions. With experience, among other competitions, in Formula 1, UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup and MotoGP, has a wide range of clothing, gloves and protections for MTB, designed to meet the demands of mountain biking.

Inspired by the sensations of adventure and freedom offered by mountain biking, the Alpinestars MTB collection is the culmination of an intensive development program in the Alpinestars R&D facilities, also incorporating the recommendations of world champions such as Aaron Gwin and Anneke Beerten. With special emphasis on weight reduction, durability and comfort, and in combination with unparalleled levels of protection, its collections are innovative and high performance thanks to the most technical materials and the most advanced design concepts.

The focus on innovation in Castelli is not a motto, it is a kind of mantra. The passion and desire of Maurizio Castelli to create high performance clothing is as evident today as it was in 1974. Castelli has remained at the forefront of technology, performance and design in cycling clothing.

The first cycling garments were made for the one who was World Champion on 3 occasions and the winner of the Giro in 5, Alfredo Binda. And from here, a large number of innovations followed: the first Lycra for shorts used in racing and for sale to the public, the first color shorts, the first shirt printed by sublimation, the first synthetic clothing for winter, the first in use windproof membranes, the first to perform hydrophilic fabric treatments, the first anatomic pad, the lightest jersey to date, and the most aerodynamic jersey ever produced.

Today, Castelli continues Maurizio's dream: to create the most innovative clothing for cyclists seeking maximum performance.

Chaoyang is a brand specialized in the manufacture and sale of cameras and covers for the bicycle. It was founded in 1958 in Hangzhou, China.

Its range of tires is increasingly wide, so, to achieve the best tire for each type of cycling, Chaoyang cameras are manufactured with materials tested to ensure the consistency and hardness of the wheel. It has various anti-puncture technologies and excellent compounds to guarantee the highest quality in any type of terrain.

Eltin is a multi-brand of articles for cycling. The brand manages the design and distribution itself, which allows it to follow a balanced line, in terms of functionality, quality and price, within the cycling components market.

Exustar designs and manufactures a wide range of cycling shoes and pedals, as well as various accessories. Whether for road, mountain, BMX or city cycling, Exustar products are technically sophisticated, durable, and advanced in design.

In recent years, Exustar has achieved different challenges: in 2004 it started producing carbon fiber products, in 2007 it obtained top honors in the Innobike design competition in the category of cycling pedals, and in 2008 the launch of Exustar Pro, a high-end line designed to exhibit and promote the best Exustar cycling products.

FullGas is the brand of nutritional supplements that, with different products, offers solutions for the before, during and after cycling, providing long-lasting energy. It was born after verifying the need to offer consumers the highest quality products suitable for all pockets.

All the work done at Fullgas Sport Nutrition has led to products of recognized quality, tested by professionals.

It aims to provide something new in each product that bears its stamp, whether energy bars, protein shakes, mineral salts or any other product. Thus, they have an extra that distinguishes them from other supplements.

MagicShine, a brand with great worldwide recognition has a wide range of lights for bicycles. It offers lighting solutions for all types of cycling: road, mountain and city.

Its great commitment is safety and visibility, therefore, it has professional engineers and design teams that investigate and work to offer the best performance in all the lights, being at the forefront of the evolution of LED light.

Selle Italia was born in 1897 with the aim of creating saddles: the automobile was the privilege, and the bicycle was that most people use as transport. The change comes around the 70s. For some decades now the car has overtaken the bicycle, and this must open a new space. The trip of Selle Italia arrives to Veneto, it becomes synonymous with innovation, new manufacturing techniques and exploration of new materials.

Selle Italia cannot do without the tradition and experience that have always driven the pedals of an inextinguishable passion. Each of its saddles is the result of incessant research and scientific studies. Millimetre by millimetre, material after material, they work with the best scientists to produce products closer to perfection each day, able to adapt to any physical masculine or feminine conformation and to respond to all kinds of needs.

Uvex has decades of experience in the development of cycling helmets and, due to its know-how, is one of the most innovative brands in the sector. The quality of its products is proven and you can trust them fully.

The Uvex high performance cycling glasses incorporate the most advanced technologies: interchangeable lenses, Variomatic photochromic lenses, and multiple adjustments to increase safety and comfort to wear them throughout the day and use them in all conditions.

Vredestein offers various types and systems of cycling tires. The brand is among the tire manufacturers with the longest trajectory in the world with a history that goes back more than 100 years in the past.

Its objective is to offer tires that have optimal performance and provide cyclists with greater freedom and safety at all times.

Vredestein is the official sponsor of the French team WorldTour AG2R La Mondiale that feature the versatile tubular Fortezza Senso T.



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