Liquid tire sealant 500 ml Dirt Out Elti

Liquid tire sealant 500 ml Dirt Out Eltin - Eltin
€13.95 P.V.R.
The dirt sealant facilitates the tubing of a tire when it is inserted into the wheels thanks to its sticky texture. It is suitable for instantly repairing punctures caused by tubeless tires, tubular tires or air chambers. Product free of harmful diluents for gums

De-tone the wheel or remove the valve object (according to the application method). Shake the container before applying the recommended amount of liquid (100 ml). Clean the
Replace the howitzer. Fill with air up to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer
of the tire After the process it is recommended to roll a few meters so that the liquid is distributed evenly inside the cover.

100 Ml. By wheel. It is recommended to refill the liquid wheel every three months.

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