Dirt out wax lubricant 150ml

The long-lasting dirt out wax lubricant is designed to be used on road and mountain bike chains. It does not build up dirt and keeps the chain clean. It is easy-to-apply thanks to its viscous texture.
Recommended for daily use for moderate chain demands
Clean the chain with a degreaser and then apply the lubricant to the inside of the chain while
the cranks turn. Allow the product to dry for optimum results in wet conditions. There is no need to clean the chain if it is applied on a continuous basis.
It is recommended to apply one drop of wax lubricant to each link of the chain.
€9.95 P.V.R.

Lubricant: 150 ml.
Box: 12 units. When 12 units (or multiples of 12) of EQ001 are purchased they will come with a display box.

  • Alpinestars
  • Castelli
  • Chaoyang
  • Eltin
  • Fullgas
  • HJC
  • Selle Italia
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