Premium Cookies&Cream Oat 1kg

Premium Cookies&Cream Oat 1kg - FullGas
€6.50 P.V.R.

Flavored oatmeal
Oatl is a complete and healthy food which contributes to our body: Proteins: Oat flakes have six of the eight essential amino acids. It is the cereal that contains the most proteins, which helps the production and development of new tissue in the body. Fats: It is a good source of omega 6 unsaturated fats, which helps lower bad cholesterol. Vitamins and minerals: Oats are the cereal that contains the most vitamins and minerals. Vitamins, E, B1, B2 and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium are present in large quantities. Carbohydrates: It has carbohydrates of slow absorption, which allows a longer satiety effect and a greater control of blood sugar levels. Fiber: It also has a large amount of fiber that helps good intestinal transit and reduce cholesterol.

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