Tube TubeS 700x20/25C V. Presta 60 mm

Tube TubeS 700x20/25C V. Presta 60 mm - Vredestein
€5.95 P.V.R.
_Below you can see the difference in rolling resistance between a Vredestein standard _butyl inner tube, a butyl LITE inner tube and a latex inner
_tube, all inflated to eight bar. Most rolling resistance is caused by friction between the _inner tube and the tyre. The comparison clearly shows that
_a latex inner tube causes lower rolling resistance than a butyl inner tube. Latex is _softer, allowing the tube to easily adapt in shape. This reduces
_friction between the inner tube and the tyre and, therefore, lowers resistance overall. _Latex inner tubes have the lowest rolling resistance and
_they are more resistant to punctures than butyl inner tubes. Latex inner tubes do, _however, need to be topped off with air more often.

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